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 Patricia Shyne Grant

Patricia Shyne Grant

What do you get when you cross a wine hobbyist with love for adventure travel?

My answer is: Wine Nomad – so there you have the origin of my blog name!

I’ve loved wine since I first had the chance to taste it as a kid. Granted, at that time it was more the ceremonial aspect that made it appealing and the rarity of it in our home since it was only on Sunday that my parents would have a glass with dinner. In those days, it was a Pink Catawba or Lambrusca or Taylor Lakes Red. When each of us (my siblings and I) reached the age 10, we were allowed us to have our very own small wine glass with Sunday dinner.

I’m sure that the first seeds of my wine hobby stems from my Dad’s fascination with it. For him it was more than just a drink. Mom would serve the meal that she had lovingly prepared and Dad would carefully pour the wine in each of our glasses. After pouring, I recall seeing him gaze briefly at the wine in front of him as though there was some great mystery in the glass. He’d swirl it around and take a sip, then smile at us around the table (watching for his nod of approval) and then raise his glass and toast Probst (in his native Czech language).

Fast forward a few decades and my interest in wine as a hobby was ignited in the mid-’90s while attending a Publishing conference in Napa. Mornings at publishing workshops, afternoons on the scenic Silverado wine trail. Pretty nice, huh? I was blown away by the beauty of the vineyards, the variety of wines to experience, and the fun of learning the stories behind the wines.

It was during that trip that I vowed to include new wine experiences whenever I travel and to try new wines as often as possible- so I quickly put a plan in motion to win the lottery and quit my day job and start a wine website where I would share my love for wine adventures and new wine discoveries with other wine hobbyists. Eighteen years later, I still haven’t won the lottery but my boomer demographic allowed me to retire and now I have more time and blogs are the tool of choice for sharing sooooo – on to my wine hobby.

Lucky for me, living in Alexandria VA means I have access to plenty of local tasting opportunities in the DC area and a short drive West and South are the Virginia wine trails and vineyards and a short drive East are the Maryland wine trails.

I’m an avid reader too so besides tasting wine and exploring new wine regions, I love reading wine history and culture and have kept a list of favorite wine books and will keep adding to that list to share with you and would like to hear about your favorites. I’ll also include some mysteries and other fiction I’ve enjoyed and look forward to your suggestions for good reads. See the tab of Good Reads.

Decided I wanted to learn about all the wine regions of the world so while my husband was recovering from knee surgery two summers ago, I delved into the study manual by Society for Wine Education to get certification as a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW). Little did I know how much viticulture and chemistry would be in the curriculum! I naively thought that all the wine reading and tasting that I did over the years would somehow replace some of the formal study. Consequently, after sweating out the exam, when I found out I passed the test, I was so happy you’d think won the lottery.

Besides wine and reading, my free time interests include playing with with our grandkids, biking, testing new recipes, walking.

A wine nomad’s journey is never done. Each year, a new vintage to taste, new wineries to discover, new trails to explore. But one things remains consistent over time and is myWine Nomad Credo:
YOU are the master of your palate.

No one can tell YOU what tastes good to YOU.

Patricia Shyne Grant

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