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 Patricia Shyne Grant

Patricia Shyne Grant

Hi to all you Wine Lovers, Wine Seekers, Wine Adventurers.

Welcome to Wine Trails USA.

Since you’re checking out wine trails, I assume that you enjoy the fun of discovering new wines and exploring new wine regions. I hope this site will be helpful to you — whether you use it to plot out a weekend vineyard visit, decide which trail to explore next or just enjoy some armchair travel.

Credit for much of the information on the State pages and Travelogues goes to Jim and Laura Hofman, whose love for wine and travel prompted them in 2007 to develop WineTrailsUSA.com to share their discoveries of “under the radar” wine-growing regions across the U.S.

In the course of my online wine research, I discovered the WineTrailsUSA website where they had already covered wine trails for each US state. I saw that they were about to sell their site and the timing of their sale coincided with my long-time dream as a wine hobbyist to share my passion for wine adventures and discoveries via a website and blog. So, finding their website at the exact time they were selling felt like a heaven-sent gift. Thankfully, through mid-February 2013, they had routinely updated information for each state as they learned of any changes — and now I aim to do the same via blogposts.

I hope you’ll enjoy the site and share it with your families, friends and new wine lovers everywhere. Be sure to sign up for new blog posts!

Patricia Shyne Grant

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