North Dakota

North Dakota Wine Overview

High plains North Dakota is well known as an agricultural state, but grapes typically haven’t been part of the equation. Some cold-hardy grapes are grown here, though. Further, the amount of grapes grown in North Dakota has been steadily increasing in recent years, evidenced by the 15 active vineyards in the state. The Missouri River, which cuts a long, winding path through the center of North Dakota, gets most of the credit. While most grapes can’t tolerate North Dakota’s usually harsh winters, the river valley areas in the state provide some protection, and various hybrid grapes do well here.

Specific to the wine industry in North Dakota, six wineries make their home here, with a seventh due to arrive in 2013. In recent years, the North Dakota Grape Growers Association was formed to help call attention to the state’s wineries as well as provide resources and advice for grape growers. The association also sponsors an annual summer tour of North Dakota’s vineyards and wineries that has proven to be quite popular.

North Dakota wineries also produce quite a bit of wine from locally-grown fruit. Most wineries here offer their takes on wine from elderberries, chokecherries, and other fruits such as apples and plums.

North Dakota Wine Trail

North Dakota does indeed have a wine trail, appropriately named the North Dakota Winery Trail. The three wineries on the trail are fairly easy to reach from one another. Two are near the central North Dakota town of Minot, while a third, Bear Creek Winery, is near Fargo at the intersecton of Interstates 29 and 94.

Travelogue: Bismarck and the North Dakota Wine Trail

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